Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. It is a growing collection of integrated cloud services including analytics, computing, database, mobile applications, networking and storage. Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to plug into vast computing power at a fraction of a price that makes business sense. Azure's pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use.
FASTech offers smart integrated tools and pre-built templates on Azure platform which allows faster implementation of data migration for your organization.
FASTech Microsoft Azure Services offer a cost effective solution for time consuming and confidential data migration processes. We implement strategic tools that handle MS Azure with full proficiency and bring in desired and calculated results for your business. We offer secure migration and development within different servers and platforms improving existing business architecture.

Review current state of the enterprise applications portfolio

Identify business applications that best migrate to the cloud computing mode

Identify business applications that best migrate to the cloud computing mode

Define an incremental Roadmap for private, public and hybrid cloud adopt

Cloud Strategy and

We'll work with management team and key stakeholders to determine a roadmap to move to cloud. This engagement focuses on educating the key stakeholders on cloud realities and mapping out business processes and applications that can benefit from the cloud.

Cloud Assessment

A structured engagement that focuses on the application layer. Applications are assessed for cloud compatibility on multiple dimensions such as cost, performance, security, architecture, compliance, and software and hardware compatibility.

Backup and

Site Recovery is an Azure service that supports your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy and is used to orchestrate replication, perform disaster recovery testing, and run failovers and failback