We are a young group of professional equipped with the sound knowledge and the skilled expertise needed to deliver deep industry and business integration services.

Our global and collaborative workforce offer high effeciency and cost-effective measures in all business processes.

We at FASTech firmly believe that investing in technical innovation leads to greater success. We are a group of professionals equipped with sound knowledge and skilled expertise needed to deliver IT integration services. We are experts in providing comprehensive software and hardware solutions for all your business needs. FASTech has been running a successful business enterprise in India over two decades. It has earned a name in the industry as an esteemed IT solution provider. It has spread its wings further in the International market, with successful foray into the Middle East in last few years. FASTech has leveraged its partnerships with leading edge technology providers to optimize business potential of many smaller and larger enterprises. FASTech has worked on improving the business operations, creating efficiencies and reducing operational budgets leading to faster ROI for business houses. FASTech has established a strong presence as a trusted IT advisor to many of the leading organizations across the region.

For over two decades the skilled team at FASTech has carried out cloud transformation and migration for multitude of clientele. The team consisting of network and systems professionals with industry leading Certifications and Credentials have worked for thousands of hours on software development, product development, SharePoint consulting, mobile app development, managing IT services and providing cloud computing solutions.


FASTech offers steadfast solutions for highly integrated software and hardware challenges
which help to transform smaller and medium enterprises into a powerful one.

FASTech offers quick-fix solutions leading to quick turnaround for the business

FASTech's progressive, service-oriented outlook takes care of varied infrastructure areas
including planning, architecture and implementation in the shortest period of time.

FASTech experts are focused on optimising client's ROI by offering simple solutions to
complex technological challenges

FASTech's global and collaborative workforce offers supreme efficiency with high quality in
achieving technological integrations.

FASTech alliance ensures great technical ease and maximum business agility

FASTech offers customized solutions for your business which ensures you pay only for
the services you use

FASTech's partnership with prime service providers like Microsoft, Private Cloud and others
assist in facilitating processes and offer timely solutions for scaling up the business